• Public Awareness

    Bringing awareness through education, action, and service.

  • Climate Change

    Providing solutions for reversing changes in global climate patterns.

  • Sustainable Living

    Promoting the reduction of society's use of Earth's natural resources.

  • Waste Reduction

    Decreasing the amount of waste produced by a person or a society.

Welcome to the Ecology North Website!

Ecology North is a charitable, non-profit organization based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada that was formed in 1971 to support sound environmental decision-making on an individual, community and regional level.

Ecology North's programs focus on three priorities: public education and awareness, climate change, and sustainable living. A common thread throughout all of the Ecology North programming is an emphasis on environmental, social and community well-being.

Ecology North maintains collaborative partnerships with a number of other local community and educational organizations to promote public education, sustainable living and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

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